how it works

Choose from a wide variety of laptops and tablets

Receive your new device in the mail within 7 days

Get reimbursed for your rental by the military

When your contract expires, ship it back at no cost to you

1| All students who rent a laptop or tablet from Laptops For Military Docs must be scholarship recipients in the Health Professions Scholarship Program (HPSP), with at least one year of scholarship eligibility remaining.

2| Air Force and Navy students must be in a graduate program that requires a computer. An excerpt from the student handbook or letter from the dean is sufficient proof of this requirement. Army students are reimbursed for a computer regardless of requirement by their graduate program.



Choose the device you want from our products page
(Product availability depends on branch and rental length)

Complete the checkout process
(Submit required documents and first payment of $500)

Receive your device within 7 days
(Most students receive their device within 3 business days)

Submit a reimbursement request to the military
(Specific instructions for reimbursement can be found below)

Pay the rental fee each year throughout the duration of your contract
(Submit a new reimbursement request every year)

Return the device with a pre-paid shipping label that we provide
(All costs of our service, including shipping, are built in to the yearly rental payments*)




Air Force

Email the following to
  • Completed AFIT Form 31
  • Completed Electronic Funds Transfer(EFT) Authorization Form
  • Invoice from Laptops For Military Docs, LLC
  • Screenshot of credit card statement showing payment made to Laptops For Military Docs
  • Proof of school Requirement (Excerpt form student handbook or letter form the dean)


  • Click on Request > Cost Data Worksheet
  • Complete appropriate fields for laptop rental and click submit
  • After receiving the link to upload documents, submit the following:
    - Invoice from Laptops For Military Docs, LLC
    - Rental contract from Laptop For Military Docs (you can download and print this from the "My Account" Page)


  • Upload the following documents:
    - Completed SF1164 Form
    - Signed Dean's Certificate
    - Invoice from Laptops For Military Docs, LLC
  • In the subject line insert the following:
    - “ENS (your name) – Book and Supply Reimbursement Request.“
  • Insert USN.OHSTUDENT@MAIL.MIL as email recipient
  • Submit and follow confirmation instructions

the longer you rent, the more options you have!

If you rent for 4 years, you can choose Any computer on our product page.
If you only rent for 1 year, you don’t have as many options.

why is this?

The more expensive the computer, the more rental payments we require to cover our costs.
This is why the MacBook Pro is only available on a 4 yr contract.

Start your rental today!

The earlier you start renting after receiving your scholarship, the better the computer you can get.
Check out the rental options based on your branch and contract length, and get your order placed today!

  • ARMY
  • NAVY
  • 1 YR
  • 2 YR
  • 3 YR
  • 4 YR

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